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Play as a bank robber and his crew to rob banks for every single penny they have.

Unlike in the movies, everything is NOT going according to plan, so be prepared to literally fight for your money in this fast-paced action shooter game.

The gameplay is simple: try to rob the entire bank. You do this by picking up money from piles found at fixed locations in the bank, that generate and store money over time.

Sounds easy right? 

It would be, if the nasty police wouldn't constantly be on your heels. You will need to find a balance between picking up money piles and fighting off the police. This is where your partners, who distract the police, will become a vital part to your strategy.

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It is fun! and great! but it could have been better. The police just comes rushing like.. bees.. They are like coming in front of robbers without cover.. The A.I is pretty bad and needs a lot of optimization. Other things are good!

Game resized itself to be too small to read settings. Tried reinstalling but it didnt fix it. Not sure ill be able to play this

fun game but the motion blur + bad fps ruins the entire experience. Also the rubbish bins are super glitchy and launch you everywhere. the upstairs feels a bit pointless and the physics kinda suck. The main gameplay is fun but again the motion blur makes it super hard to aim and kinda ruins your immersion. With a bit of work this could be really fun. Also the settings menu could be greatly improved if you added some sound settings as well as some other things.

son los requisitos del juego 

This was an awesome game, and I loved playing it

hello this is a really good game but the game could be better. i think the motion blur combined with the yet to be optimized fps is annoying and i think a cover mechanic would be so good

The concept and style of the game is fun, but as many people pointed out the performance isn't that optimized. I turned on the FPS counter and it says I'm getting a good FPS but it runs slow still. My one MAJOR complaint is the motion blur. I think if I was able to turn this off I would enjoy it a lot more and not have any issues with it :)


It runs like shit but is fun

Deleted 157 days ago

16 gb ram ryzen 5

radeon RX 580 GPU

Deleted 157 days ago

This game was really challenging to play, I can't imagine what it's like on hard mode! Even though I didn't collect any money I really enjoyed this game and have a lot of fun!

Epic 10/10


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Great video about the game!

i have a bad computer and i relly want to play it


We are aware of the performance issues and working and this.

I love the demo! The game has a good feel to it.

Thanks, feel free to check out the kickstarter


Really nice game had some fun playing it, the recoil on some weapons could be a bit lower imo and a bit of a different music when you're in combat. 

But since it's a demo version and not full i know you guys will make some changes to it, fingers crossed your Kickstarter campaign will be a success!

Thanks for making a video about the game, you deserve way more views!

Deleted 3 years ago

Hey thanks for putting my video in and no i don't mind it at all! :D 

love the rush and the mechanics aren't too bad as well. The jittering of the guns makes it more difficult  to shoot the head of targets great job. expect a video on friday!

Thanks for the feedback 👍

good but i dont like the motion blur plz turn it off but awsome

The Mac OSX demo has been fixed, sorry for the trouble.


Hi! I've always loved heist games, and this one is a great one! Nice gameplay with cool features, maybe there was a bit too much police in my point of view but besides that I loved it! 

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Hi! Thanks for the support, I'll have a look.


Hey there! Pretty good Start here with the mechanics and player customization! I did make a few suggestions to improve the overall feel and complexity of the game, hope you find it useful :) Best of luck on your Kickstarter!

Thanks for playing the game and making a video about it, appreciate it!

i used your video on the Kickstarter campaign, hope you don't mind, if you do please tell me straight away.


Fine by me!  :)